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you heard me right. >> they require them to take a force, which includes a test on their shooting ability. and they need to file 60 rounds because they have a lot of property with virginia. all those requirements are waived. this video shows a young woman
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taking an online course in which she admitted to answering 15 out of the 20 questions without ever touching the gun. and the video was produced by the sister who was killed in the virginia tech shooting. their goal is to teach gun safety, not sufficiency. this year's democratic convention will come up with barack obama and joe joe accepting their party's nominations.
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and they said that they have a lot to show for his first term. >> he needs to give a complete list with all his accomplishment it's an extremely long list, but people will seem to have the idea that he has not done anything. he deserves more time to help millions of unemployed americans. >> he does have some work that he will need to finish in which he started. previewing his speech that he will bring a positive message to the audience tonight and talk specifics about building a stronger middle class. on the conference call, he
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thanked thousands of volunteers who are suppose to be there who will need their help in this close race. the democrats, they do hope that this week will give them an edge. >> and things at this convention that you are seeing the tremendous enthusiasm. and i think that coming out of it, it will continue throughout the fall. >> the first lady michelle obama have been helping to build enthusiasm. and they will introduce their husbands tonight. randall pinkston, cbs news, charlotte. >> what they are doing as a low key week preparing for the presidential debate. they went out to speak to voters today. this time it was a surprised visit to the veteran group working on their behalf in new hampshire. and tomorrow the romney camp will be quoting the female vote in virginia and in leesburg with a woman here, i should say for romney rally at the twin oaks riding academy. after the event, you'll go one- on-one with 9news now. tune in for that interview tomorrow night at 7:00. each year in this country,
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the hospital, patient, government agencies and the private insures spend $750 billion on wasteful and unnecessary health cause. roughly $0.30 of every medical dollar. so the group that advises the federal government, none other than the institute of medicine, they said that they must be held more accountable for what they will spend and patients must be more savvy. well a bit of a hit for maryland's first three casinos last. the maryland lottery says they brought in about $44.6 million in the month of august, which is down from $48 million in july. most of the cash, more than 73% of it came from maryland lives. in november, maryland voters will cast their ballots about whether or not to authorize a sixth casino in that state and expand gambling to include table games. dna will lead to an arrest seven months after a woman is attacked in her own home and police are cracking down on nightclubs, considered a nuance. and they are both stories that
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we're following in prince george's county tonight. i'm scott broom in beltsville where the rendezvous banquet hall has been the latest business shut down. this is the latest that shut down at the dance hall bill which has been used to shut down at least a dozen area where violence is an issue. and workers at the banquet hall did not appear to be troublesome. >> they are legit. they didn't know to have problems. and of silver springs, they did not return calls for comments today. the owner could be facing up to a $25,000 civil fine. in beltsville, scott broom, 9news now. neighbors say that the
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elderly victim is sweet, but she is also tough. and she bit her attacker's hand and blood from that wound. ultimately lead the police to the 56-year-old. >> i'm glad that he has been arrested as she is feeling much better. >> reporter: and she is the neighbor who discovered the 84- year-old alone. crying for help. >> she was down there screaming, like help me, help me. >> the elderly disabled woman had been unable to get up since the attack, at least a day earlier. >> a couple of days she was on the floor as she could not get up. she was just sitting there, all bruised up everywhere. >> reporter: they have taken six months, but police have now arrested him, charging him with assault, robbery, and theft.
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>> a mix of sun and clouds for most of our areas, but south of the city, the flooding, a combination made for code yellow alert day. we'll check out with topper. >> and also the big thunderstorms across the bay here. in fact, we'll start with that radar as they had another two to five inches of rain today. boom, everything is gone now, but they had another two to four inches yesterday, which lead to the collapse of the roof of the current house. no injuries on that. now, we'll zoom back to the north and west, a couple showers are popping up. one just popped up in the last 15 minutes or so out towardsleesburg, popping up for west virginia. and still, that game will be okay. we're looking at temperatures here in the 70s to around 80. both for the first pitch and the last pitch. the winds are out of the south at 8. we'll come back and talk about a cold front over the weekend. we'll tell you what it means to the late weekend plans. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 7:00, a one-on-one interview with the maryland senator, live from the dnc in charlotte.
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and how come police tasered this lady, which he was already in handcuffs? if that does not look right to us, we'll tell you what happened at 7:00. >> okay, derek. still to come in this half hour, good news in the wake of hurricane isaac after all that rain. but first, metro's red line will get to work this weekend as you will want to know what will be closed for you before you need to make plans.
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the judiciary square and union stations are going to be completely closed, but that work should be finished by the time the system opens on monday morning. the fbi is trying to track down the person behind the airline hoax. the culprit called police this morning and they said a particular passenger would try to carry a dangerous substance on to the u.s. airways flight from philadelphia to dallas. that flight was already in the air, but the plane quickly returned to philadelphia. police, they detained the passenger who was named by the caller and searched the plane, but they did not find anything dangerous. it resulted in really a big threat to all the passengers.
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>> reporter: they said the person that made the phone call could be looking at pretty stiff criminal charges. >> yeah, note remotely there. >> it seems like they have a smart day to make you feel connected to your friends, to help you find direction. just about anything you need. >> reporter: but at what point did the applications become an addiction? well, a recent survey here finds 65% of the respondents say they cannot live without their phones. 40% say they would give out coffees first. 18% said they would stop bathing every day before parting ways with the iphone and 15% would prefer to go a weekend without sex and then surrender that smart phone. in fact, 4% of the people here said that they actually needed to use their phones during the moments here with the partner. the fact that they admitted that is rich. [ laughter ] >> okay. tonight, 9news is the only crew on the scene when they needed to raid the apparent dog
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fighting operation. tonight what they are seeing much more of in these kinds of circles. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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it happened as they seized pit bull and evidence on the home of the 36-year-old. andrea mccaren is here to tell us more about what you have learned specifically about this suspect. not a nice guy. >> well, so far he has just been charged with one count of being an unfit animal owner, but if he is charged and convicted of running an illegal dog fighting ring, then he could face the stiff fines and years in prison. >> this dog, they look like they have been fought here repeatedly. he's got scars on his face, as you can see it in the little white marks on the fur, that's where, you know, he has been bitten in the past. >> reporter: john goodwin of the humane society of the united states, he recognizes the signs of an illegal dog fighting operation. when he watched our video tape, he saw a lot of red flags. >> what we're looking at there is a treadmill that will be
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designed for them to fight. along with the harnesses and the heavy chains and the brutal device. >> and this is really a torture device. because that dog, they have gotten the neck held down. her waist held down in another. sometimes she would rather fight so what they will do is trap her down to the contraption so she is forcibly bread. he has an extensive criminal history. including charges of wreckless management and along with weapons and drug charges. >> this is a violent subculture. it is a felony. now with the help of the prince
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gorge's county attorney's office, what happened with the first-degree murder charges there. it is still unclear whether or not they were convicted or whether or not the charges were dropped. >> there's a pattern. the department of the environment and several other local fire systems are keeping a close eye up at the new design waste water treatment plan, but we're told that thetic peckation would cause any major problems. another mess, they say that the lab tests will show the globs of oil found on two louisiana beaches after hurricane isaac, came from the bp spill back in 2010 that they will work to help clean it up. they provided some relief
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suffering from the summer long drought. they got as much as six inches of rain. the country's biggest corn producer, iowa, missed out on the much needed precipitation. >> as we've got some of it here. >> yeah. >> and you know in eastern iowa, the whole state. >> that's a shame that they really need it. >> i know. sometimes you need to get the tropical storm that could be good or bad depending on their situation right now. it actually occurred here, which just devastated them in upper marlboro, eight inches of rain. in fact, some of them had not reopened yet. they needed to close it out. and one business, well, all the office supplies, they need to shut it down as they could not take a loan to pay a loan. he is going to need to shut it down. some businesses, they made it, but it has been a struggle for them in upper marlboro since the flood of last year. i mean again, eight inches of rain fell. that is about 20% of your annual rainfall in a day. that's not good.
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>> let's talk about it outside. this is our live weather cam. as it is very nice. especially temperature wise. but wow, it is humid. 82, the dew point is 71. so it is not comfortable with the dew points in the 70s. and around 70%. the pressure is falling just a little bit, the winds are out of the south at about 10. now, we're looking at your radar as we saw these heavy thunderstorms roll on through our ocean resorts earlier today as we're going to pay attention to the storms out to the west. this is why we kept the isolated thunderstorms in tonight and at least tonight. the thunderstorm south of romney. and just to the west of wood stock as these are going to roll for you. rainfall rates, an inch per hour. already 79 in springfield and arming ton. look at these temperatures and wow, how comfortable is that? 83 at college park.
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and 93 over in bowie. so it will still be tropical and unsettled with the early tropical storms tonight as it should be fine. hot and humid tomorrow and just an isolated storm tomorrow. a lot of storms on saturday. they will see the terms in the air masses, by the time you need to get into sunday. early isolated storms tonight. muggy, 68 to 74. winds are southwest at 10. now by the morning, partly cloudy, very warm and humid with a little fog in the morning. temperatures in the 70s and the 80s. by the afternoon, now partly cloudy, hot and humid. isolated storms, hot temperatures around 90. the next three days. we'll keep tomorrow as a code yellow and sad that it will be a code yellow to alternate your change here. just isolated storms tomorrow. then take a look at that. refreshing on sunday for you. sunshine at 79. and you know what, we'll keep it going for you. next week, sunshine on monday in the upper 70s. temperatures are creeping back up, but fairly comfortable. i mean the lower 80s on tuesday. mid-80s on wednesday and thursday with lots of sunshine
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and low humidity that it will be a big change for you in terms of atmosphere that you're going to love it next week. >> okay, we're ready for good hearing days. >> yes. all right, redskins, they've got a tough game, a good game, but they are going to new orleans and they will have a ball. >> rg3 told his offensive line if you leave me without a sack, i will cook you. so you know good incentive there for them. can the redskins and rg3 live up to the hype this season? they open up their season this sunday. hear what the guys have to say about the pressures they are under. and plus, can the nationals complete the sweep of the cubbies? sports is coming up next.
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and the pre-season for the tennessee team, the redskins and your eras. your first chance to see it in a real game. and one of the leag's toughest teams on out there, despite everything that would surround the franchise. now the skins, they say they just want to get things started off on the right foot. >> these games need to count as everyone will be running full speed, you're going to get everyone's best shot here. and that will be a big game for
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us. you know, the intensity has picked up. the attention to detail has picked up and stuff like that. >> the day after appearing on the injured list, the redskins quarterback said that he did not appear to suffer any setbacks from the tight hip. also, they said that he is 100% ready to play on sunday. all right, the big high school football game this week. here is a look at your choices to choose from for our game of the week. go to u.s.a. today to vote. all right tonight is the national's go for the four-game sweep of chicago. it's hard not to see what a difference a year makes. this season the nationals have five starters with nine or more wins, and they could have five with double digit wins before the season is over. last year they had just one in that category. john lannon with ten. full of powerful young throwers, all five starters under 28 years old as they have
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the best e.r.a. in the league leaving that to their first winning season, more than just the wins that have impressed davey johnson. >> seeing maybe a 20-game winner. and i think that even as good of an accomplishment as having five guys that would have given up less. and it will be a huge accomplishment. that's in my book. >> and they have yet to clinch the post season with the team and the police department that they will be planning for a parade, just in case. they will call for an increase in security. if it happens, it will incorporate more in that area around the stadium. they already have a permanent hall. but now the bronze statue of the iron man. he will stand outside the ballpark as well. it is the fifth of six statues that will be forever standing outside as a part of the orioles legend. what a great player in history. well deserved. >> all right, that's it for us, the cbs evening news is next.
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derek will be back at 7:00. good night everybody. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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